Development of [Chainsring][Hoist][Sringchain][Coil tong][Coil riftar] etc. vehicular equipment including [Clamp][Tong][Riftar][glove] as hang tool.

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HOME PRODUCT Correct handing and inspection of clamps safe clamp use mechanism of clamps
Model E
Model AMS
Model GE
Model SBBE
Model SBE
Model ECC
Model TWE
Model CDE
Model UGH
Model MSA
CDE Best suited for lighter weight.

Product Information
    EAGLE Coil Tongs are currently being examined or used in every factory, warehouse, harbor, etc,
    that handles various coil of steel plate.


Moter-driven, parallel link
coil tongs
 Basic workig load  : Various levels, up to 20tons
 Safety factor  : Five times the WLL, or more
 Operation Panel System
 Pendant System
 Wireless Remote Control System

 * Main Body
These coil tongs are small and lightweight, in keeping with the growing requirement to save energy. They are strongly built using high tensile steel plates as the primary material.
 * Arms
The arms open and close in parallel, to chuck a coil securely. The arm open/close mechanism can be either a rack and pinion system (Model TWE) or a screw shaft system (Model CDE).
 * Protective Arm Plate (Option)
A rubber sheet can cover the arm to avoid creating flaws on the coils while traveling.
 * Arms-in-place Confirmation Lamp
Confirms that the arms are passing through the core of the coil when lifting.

 * Load Detector (Proximity switch)
Offers extra protection against the arms opening due to misoperation while lifting or moving a coil.
 * MC Nylon Catch (An aluminum catch is also available.)
 * Manual Catch In-and-Out Handle
 * Motor-driven Rotation Device
The maximum rotation angle is 300 degrees, clockwise or counterclockwise. The orientation of a coil can be changed freely.
 * Control Panel
The control panel is equipped with a safety indicator lamp, to control the operation and allow automatic running.
Any of three control methods can be chosen, depending on the crane conditions.
 * Pendant Switch for Inspection
   (Standard item only on the TWE and CDER models)
If the radio control unit develops a problem, work can be performed by using this switch.
 * Chuck Sensor Plate
The sensor confirms that a coil is chucked securely and it sends a signal to the control panel.
Labor saving, rationalization, and safety when handling materials play a great role in improving the productivity in modern industry.
Based on many year's experience and achievements, we meet the needs of our customers by manufacturing lots of hangers, for a variety of products and materials, and thus contribute to labor savings, safety and rationalization in sling work operations.
EAGLE's Motor-driven Coil Tongs, now being introduced, are high-quality products developed by us, based on our ceaseless research and effort to continue as a pioneer in the manufacture of hangers.
We are confident in recommending that you adopt the TWE and CDE models of EAGLE Coil Tongs, featuring unique characteristics for saving labor, rationalizing the workplace and modernizing the industrial world.
Slice the catch storage system allows the catches to be inserted and removed from the center of a coil, the space between coils can be made even narrower and the floor space can be used more effectively.
1 Rational design created small.
lightweight, low lift tongs
EAGLE Coil Tongs understand that the times demand small, lightweight products. Besides, a design that limits the overall height lets you use them without worry, even in places where the lifting height of a crane is limited.
The TWE model was designed with an overall height even lower than the CDE.


2 Parallel arm coil tongs
offer reliable operation
The Model TWE has a rack and pinion system for its arm open/close mechanism and the Model CDE has a screw shaft system, so that maintenance can be performed easily.
The height of the catches when opening or closing the arms is kept fixed by the parallel arm opening system, making crane operations unnecessary for chucking coils.
Consequently, coils can be chucked precisely and securely.
3 Effective use of floor area
(Catch storage system : Option)
Because of the narrow width of the main body of the tongs, lifting can be performed smoothly, even when there is little space between coils.
Consequently, your available storage area can be used more efficiently, increasing the effective space.


4 Turn a coil up to the
maximum of 300 degrees, at will
A motor-driven rotation device is used to change the orientation of a coil freely while suspended. It can be turned up to 300 degrees in either direction, enabling speedy operation that makes the work more efficient.
5 Safety device built in
* Chuck sensor
A coil chuck sensor is built into the interior of arms. It provides absolute confirmation that a coil is securely chucked at the specified position, which allows it to be chucked securely and lifted safely, with confidence.

* Arms-in-place confirmation lamp
Confirmation is provided that the catches of arms are passing through the core of a coil. A photo detector is used to provide absolute safety. This only allows the arm open/close mechanism to operate when the catches are positioned to pass through the core of the coil.

* Load detecor (option)
This detector indicates when a load is applied to the catches of arms, and it operates independently of the photo detector. This detector can be installed to provide a backup safety mechanism which will prevent the arms being opened or closed due to misoperation while transporting a coil.


6 Safety indicator lamp
for lifting
When a coil is securely chucked and confirmed by the coil chuck sensor and the photo detector, a rotating lamp lights to inform the operator that the coil can now be safely moved. While this rotating lamp (safety indicator lamp) is lit, the arms cannot be accidentally opened or closed due to misoperation of a pushbutton.
7 Strongly built and
High tensile steel plate has been employed in great quantity for all the major parts of the coil tongs. Consequently, stable quality is maintained. These parts are strongly built and still relatively lightweight.
In addition, all the pin related parts have been heat-treated under strict quality control.
* Additional rotating lamp
* Unlimited rotation mechanism
* Fixed position automatic
  stopping mechanism
  (rotation and opening and
* Additional load detector
* Coil width indicator board
* Specialized stand
* Protective arm plate
  (rubber, aluminum, etc.)
* Cable reel
* Cable
* Cable junction box
* Hook locks
Method of Operation
The following methods of operation can be selected, depending on the conditions in which the crane is used :

Operation panel system for internal crane cabin control

Models : TWE and CDE

Operatiosn can be carried our safely and quickly using the refined operating equipment in the inside of the crane cabin. The equipment status is always shown by the indicator lamps on the operation panel.

CDE type control panel

Pendant switch system for ground control

Models : TWEP and CDEP

Operations can be performed easily using the pendant switch, while watching the indicator lamps on the control panel that is mounted on the main body of the tongs.

CDE type control panel

Radio control system for remote control

Models : TWER and CDER

Operations can be performed in complete safety by using a compact, lightweight transmitter, while watching the indicator lamps on the control panel. This control system is especially suited for work in elevated location.
When you don't want to operate the tongs by remote control, operation is always possible by using the pendant switch built into the main body of the tongs.

CDE type control panel

If you like, the coil tongs and the crane can be radio controlled simultaneously from one remote. (Model CDER-2)
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